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Large Events

We love events!

Whether it's Weddings, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, or just a great Dinner Party, we love to be apart of it by supplying docinhos (Brazilian style truffles) to add a unique flair to your event!

Make it yours...

We want your event to be exactly as you envision it.  We are able to customize the docinhos, the wrappers, and boxes to give your event the extra touch you are looking for!

Let's chat!


Our pricing for events is a little different than our everyday pricing. So here are some details for you to review, and we are happy to walk you through it if you have questions!

1-100  $0.80 ea. +tax
101-499 $0.75 ea. +tax
500+ $0.70 ea. +tax
Standard Box for 4 $0.60 ea
Standard Box for 8 $0.75 ea
Standard Box for 15 $0.98 ea


The standard pricing includes each truffle in a cupcake wrapper in a color of your preference (contact us for options). However, there are alternate wrappers that can be used to customize your event further, such as decorative flowers with a truffle in the center.  We are happy to provide these options, but will calculate the additional cost based upon the current purchasing price of those options.

How many docinhos do I need?

We recommend planning 2-3 truffles for each guest if there will be other dessert at your event & 4-5 per guest if it will be the only dessert served.


See our current flavors here!