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Our Beginning


I'm 'Aunt Mandy'...

At least to a few kiddos that love to snag these treats every chance they get. I picked 'Aunt Mandy's Sweets' as my business name as a tribute to the sweet little ones who love these sweet little treats.

I was born and raised in Fortaleza, Brazil. These treats were simply part of life there. Every wedding, birthday, or large gathering had tables of docinhos (Brazilian style truffles). When I married and moved to my husband's home of Pensacola, Fl--Naturally, I started making these treats for family occasions.  My niece and nephews were quick to catch on and began requesting "Aunt Mandy's sweets" each time I visited.

Now, I love sharing these treats with so many of you and getting to add a special touch to your special events or simply make an ordinary day a little sweeter!